Fine Turf Professional Top Dressing 70/30

Beaver Compost

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  • High quality topdressing material, suitable for dressing any fine turf. Popular with bowls clubs and the owners of fine lawns, it can be used to produce a smooth, free draining turf surface and open soil structure. Application of 70/30 top dressing over fresh seed, improves seed to soil contact thereby encouraging germination and aiding healthy seed establishment. 


  • There is a reason why this product is so popular across the North West! A 70/30 sterilised top dressing is ideal for use on fine turf areas and high quality lawns. It consists of a sand/soil blend that has passed through a steriliser unit and then over a 3mm screen in order to produce a pebble and stone free product.

Ideal for use with spreader on large projects such as golf greens, bowling pitches etc.

Application – 1-tonne dumpy covers a lawn area of approximately 80-120 square metres.

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