Olympic Lawn Turf 1 Square Metre

Beaver Compost

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  • Establishes within 10 days
  • Simply unroll for the very best hard wearing lawn
  • 1 square meter roll
  • minimum of 20 rolls when order without soil
  • Next Day delivery available
  • The very best lawn turf available in the UK sourced by Beaver Compost!

Olympic Sports Turf is a hardwearing low maintenance family lawn which is ideal for front and back gardens as it is low maintenance and value for money. Olympic Sports Turf is a blend of durable ryegrasses with fescues to provide a hardwearing, dense sward which is commonly used on sports pitches. Ideally, Olympic Sports Turf grows better in the open sun throughout the day but can handle shade of up to 30% if you have a mostly shaded lawn we would recommend our ShadeMaster turf. This turf is also extremely good drought-tolerant areas once established and can go through long periods without water.

Olympic Sports Turf prefers maintaining at a higher mowing height of 1” or over and does not like being cut to short if your lawn does happen to grow more than 3 inches + please make sure that you slowly reduce the height over a period of weeks taking no more than 1 inch off at a times allowing the lawn to recover before taking more length off as it can cause the lawn to become stressed and thinning of the lawn allowing weeds to establish from air-bound weeds. This lawn turf is our most popular selling turf due to it being able to withstand constant foot traffic from children at play and family pets. 

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