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All turf orders must be laid within 48hrs of receiving delivery.

Beaver ShadeMaster Lawn Turf was developed for customers that have had continues problems maintaining a lush thick green lawn, because the species of grass used in there lawn are not use to handling long consist periods of shade, our ShadeMaster lawn turf is a blend of Kentucky blue grass a originally woodland grass which thrives in shaded areas, has a broad leaf appearance which gives a lush thick appearance, rye grass which is extremely hard wearing and fescue grasses. The blue grasses also has a creeping root system so when damaged areas appear the roots will creep over to affected areas and shoot new leaves. This lawn turf is a hardwearing low maintenance family lawn which is ideal for front and back gardens as it is low maintenance and value for money. This turf is also extremely good drought tolerant areas once established and can go through long periods without watering.

ShadeMaster Turf prefers maintaining at a higher mowing height of 1” or over and does not like being cut to short if your lawn does happen to grow more than 3 inches + please make sure that you slowly reduce the height over a period of weeks taking no more than 1 inch off at a times allowing the lawn to recover before taking more length off as it can cause the lawn to become stressed and thinning of the lawn allowing weeds to establish from air bound weeds.

ShadeMaster Turf is a seed grown turf which has been seeded, nurtured and harvested by a dedicated team with 50 years of experience in growing the highest quality turf throughout the UK, Our turf will arrive freshly cut in 1 square meter rolls which will be ready to lay. Please remember that turf is perishable goods and must be laid with 48 hours depended on climate conditions through out the year, if you do not lay your turf within this timescale you will notice a colour change from being delivered but will recover once laid.

Nationwide Next Day Delivery or Leave a suitable delivery date in our special instructions area. 

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