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Forest Mulch® is an excellent product that is very cost effective and also a by-product of the forestry industry. It is an alternative that gives a natural and attractive finish, especially useful for large expanses that need to be mulched within a budget.

Forest Bark Mulch® is ideal for large or small areas and especially native planting. This product ‘mimics’ the natural Forest floor in look and also helps these plants thrive which adds to and promotes soil microorganism activity, which improves soil structure. Helps prevent soil erosion on slopes and hillsides and as well is used in planters and around new and established plants.

Our process began in our log yards. Years ago, when logs came into the mill for firewood, they brought pieces of the forest with them. Just as they would have in the natural forest environment, the logs dropped bark, dirt, moss and organisms. Labelled as waste, this debris was swept into piles, overlooked and undervalued for years.

The forest floor holds the richest components of the forest ecosystem. It supports a large number of decomposers, fungi, algae and bacteria as well as various ecosystem roles for nutrient cycling. Undeniably, the floor is the base of all forest life.

To capture this same growth cultivation, the team at Beaver Organic Soils has developed our Forest Bark Mulch® using materials directly from the forest and log industry. At Beaver Compost, we find these materials, then completely recover and recycle them. Our Forest Bark Mulch is perfectly preserved and richer than ever. With an environment focus, we revive, screen and blend the mulch for gardening success, ultimately returning forest materials back to the earth.

All our wood chips and bark mulches are always sustainable sourced from Forestry stewardship approved sources throughout the United Kingdom!

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