MASSIVE 2000 Litre Pallet Black Gold Soil 40 Litre Bags

MASSIVE 2000 Litre Pallet Black Gold Soil 40 Litre Bags

Beaver Compost

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Organic Black Multi-Purpose Compost Pallet

  • 50 x Massive 40 litre Pre Packed Sacks
  • Limited Quantities available weekly! Order now!
  • Screened to <8mm.

All Natural Black Gold Garden Soil for flowers, lawns, and vegetables is designed to be mixed with your native soil for in-ground planting. It's nutrient-rich formulation has added organic matter to help loosen compacted clay soils, making work easier in the garden...and who doesn't want that, right? All Natural Garden Soil also improves soil drainage, making it easier for water to reach plant roots for healthier, more-lush growth. Adding a nutrient-rich organic garden soil like All Natural Black Gold to your native soil will help with better water penetration, requiring less watering in your garden. Like all our Garden products, all Natural Black Gold Garden Soil is safe for people and pets to be in contact with. No protective gloves or garments are necessary because there are no harmful synthetic chemicals.

Our Multi-Purpose Garden Soil is the best selling soil online. It is a beautiful fine blend of our Multi-Purpose Compost, virgin as dug topsoil from farmers' fields and greenfield sites always! We have a wide range of customers who love our Multi-Purpose Topsoil. From celebrity gardeners to growing enthusiasts and landscape gardeners. It is always packaged dry and finely blended, which is great for planting and laying new lawns.

We stand behind Black Gold Garden Soil for trees, shrubs, lawns, vegetables & roses with a 100% satisfaction guarantee, because we believe your plants will grow stronger and more full. Giving you a beautiful landscape that will endure for years to come.


Black Gold Multi-Purpose Garden Soil is an all-round soil. It can be used to raise garden levels, lay new lawns, for vegetable gardens, and planting projects. We recommend using one of our specialist soils for specific garden projects as they are blended for the best results, but if your not sure or creating more than one gardening project try our Black Gold!

ADDED NATURAL FERTILISER? This product has been produced with our unique added natural fertilizer which has all the goodness your plants need. Nitrogen for top growth, Phosphates for root growth, Potash for flowering, and fruiting & Trace elements for taste and colour.


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