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All Natural Tub & Border Garden Soil for flowers and vegetables enriches and fortifies your native soil with composted poultry manure, Composted forest products, Peat Moss and organic fertilizer. Mix in with your native soil as an amendment or plant straight into, to build and repair tired soil so plants can reach their full potential. Its woody texture creates the perfect balance of moisture retention and drainage, helping to break up compacted soils and providing an excellent environment for beneficial microbes to thrive and help feed your plants. All Natural Tub & Border Garden Soil for flowers and vegetables contains no harmful synthetic chemicals, so there is no need to wear gloves or protective garments.

Beaver Tub & Border Soil is great for planting new borders and tubs and contains all the goodness your shrubs and plants will need for years to come. We guarantee this soil will produce bigger, brighter and better flowering and growth every time. You can expect up to a 3 times faster growth rate to when planting in ordinary soil! Can be used as a mulch or planting direct into.

We stand behind our Tub & Border Soil for trees, shrubs, lawns, vegetables & roses with a 100% satisfaction guarantee, because we believe your plants will grow stronger and more-full. Giving you a beautiful landscape that will endure for years to come.


We offer two sizes of bulk bags our standard bulk bag supplied are 1000 Litre when packaged fully to the top and great value for money! We also offer our JUMBO bulk bags 1600 Litre when packaged and is ideal for customers who require multiple bags.


Tub & Border Garden Soil for flowers and shrubs is designed to be mixed with your native soil for in-ground planting. Its nutrient rich formulation has added organic matter and gypsum to help loosen compacted clay soils making work easier in the garden and who doesn't want that, right? It also improves soil drainage making it easier for water to reach plant roots for healthier, more-lush growth. Adding a nutrient-rich organic garden soil like Tub & Border soil to your native soil will help with better water penetration, requiring less watering in your garden. Like all our products, Tub & Border soil is safe for people and pets to be in contact with. No protective gloves or garments are necessary because there are no harmful synthetic chemicals.

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